Friday, 28 December 2018

Bedroom Design Ideas

For many years the bedroom was a space used to provide little more than it’s name indicates.

But as floor area is a valuable commodity in a modern house, it is now called upon to serve a multitude of uses.

In fact, the current trend in house design goes beyond providing just a large master bedroom, as ensuites and dressing areas create the flavour of a luxurious upmarket hotel.

Uses include reading, grooming, listening to the radio, watching TV, using a computer or just enjoying the view out of the window – all of which can influence the layout, contents and overall design of a master suite.

Explore our hand-picked selection of master bedrooms and ensuites that are packed with practicality as well as stunning design.

Add bold colours & patterns

Bedroom with colourful patterns and bed with yellow bedframe

Incorporate some colour to your master suite with a vibrant bed frame and headboard.

The Alexandra design from Hypnos is shown here in mustard fabric with black border.

A super king size bed like the one on the picture costs £3,191.

Bed with yellow headboard contrasting grey walls

Photography: Siobhan Doran

The yellow headboard against the grey walls in this loft conversion by Mulroy Architects brings a splash of brightness to the master bedroom and matches the foliage outside.

Most people will choose to have the bed set against the edge of the room so that bedside lamps can be plugged into wall sockets.

In this example the designers chose to install pendants to avoid cluttering the bedside tables.

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